5 Signs You Should Invest In a Gym

18 May , 2018 Uncategorized

5 Signs You Should Invest In a Gym

There are wants and there are needs. We all know this. You need to brush your teeth in the morning lest you dont speak to people. You want the shiny new phone that comes out so you can text people .5% faster then your friends can. It all depends on needs and wants. Here at Active Living and Fitness we believe you dont necessarily have to own a gym membership to be in good shape. Though its some people need to invest in the gym and in case you are wondering here are some tell-tale sings you should jog to your local gym and sign-up.

1.When you open your kitchen cabinet, and all you see is junk food

Okay guys, its pretty easy to tell when someone is at least aware of their fitness situation purely from the contents of their kitchen. Its also pretty easy to tell that youve been eating this food. We all know that those cheesy sticks and candy bars arent gonna make anybody skinnier around here. So how about replace some of the chips with spinach and the TV with a treadmill?

2. When your limps are comparable to noodles in size and strength

Now I thread this one lightly because many people have trouble putting on weight, so there are definitely exceptions. In addition to this, I played soccer for many years of my life so I had great leg muscles, and lets just say mediocre arms. Besides this the gym probably callas your name if this is your situation, especially if you are just sitting on butt all day doing nothing.

3. You cant open the pickle jar


If this one isnt a wake up call I dont know what is. While Im pretty sure your mum will enjoy your company as you call her to open your jar of whatever, it definitely wont impress anyone. On a real note though, no one expects you to have superhuman strength but the ability to carry out mediocre tasks is definitely a minimum. So please hit those dumbbells if those jar lids give you some issues. P.s. If you become a superhuman in the gym no one will complain either hehe.

4. You become short of breath after going up the flight of stairs

So unless you are running up the stairs of a burning skyscraper with a killer chasing close behind you, do you have the right to huff and puff when you get to the top. So that may be a bit of stretch, but you understand my point. The two story wooden stairs in your house shouldnt knock the breath out buy peptides of you nor instantly make your legs sore. If it does your next purchase either be a pair of good running shoes to to hit the track or a gym membership so you can hit that cardio machine!


5. You cant see your own toes standing up

Nope, no excuses. Unless you literally have a baby developing in your stomach or severe stomach tumor (please visit the doctor) then there are no excuses. Beer bellies steps aside, this is for you guys too. I guarantee it is possible to maintain good health all while drinking here and there (though  I would personally refrain from alcohol at all.) Your own feet are meant to be seen plain and simple. If you cant bring yourself to see your own feet, the personal trainer in the gym will make certain that you will.

The gym is what you call a sound investment. Your returns are directly affected by the amount invested. The gym isnt a one-stop shop. Its a social investment, a health investment, and most importantly a life investment. So put down the remote and pickup the curl bar. Youll appreciate it later.